Prints 🐾

In December 2017 I released my first ever photobook:


It was designed & edited by Fanny MYON, and published as a limited edition of 70 copies.

The series and book illustrate post-Olympic blues in Rio de Janeiro.
All photographs were shot in Brazil in 2017.

As of January 2018, the book has sold out, however signed prints are still available on request.

You can read more about FANTASMAS in:

“Fascinating photographs, which bear witness
to the vitality and disillusions of a young democracy.”


"British photographer Kamila K. Stanley immortalizes
the city of Rio after the 2016 Olympics 
— through the eyes of a new generation."

“FANTASMAS sweeps us into a glimmering but dark world :
it takes us behind the scenes, to the gritty realities
of a country we always see behind masks.”


“Socially-charged documentary photography” (...)
“a photographical love-letter to Rio de Janeiro.”


Below is an excerpt of the photo series.

Kamila K Stanley © 2020 - All rights reserved.