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Tangerine Tales

Documentary series shot in 2018 in Tangier, Morocco
as a collab with Simon VIDAL.

Tangier stands perched at the extremity of North Africa, on the very cliff where the continent ends.

The waves that come crashing at her feet have come all the way from the Americas, but also from the Strait of Gibraltar, and the Middle East.
When the sun sets to the west and licks her rocky hills gold, Tangier's youth gather on plastic chairs, drink mint tea, and gaze towards the night descending on Europe.
If you stretch out your fingertips, you can almost stroke Spain.
Spanish beaches glimmer in the horizon, twelve teasing kilometres away.
Young children ride bikes, old men sell nuts and sweets.
Atlantic and Mediterranean waters merge. The night air is chilly, and sticky with salt.

But after many sleepy centuries as a suburban North-African port — today Tangier is awakening.
Winds of change are sweeping through the old Medina, the minarets, and the surrounding hills.
Six years after the Arab spring, the city is rattling with a fascinating electricity.
Shopping malls, palaces, and football stadiums are cropping up overnight.
Tradition and modernity intertwine, trashiness and timelessness collide.

Beautiful yet brash, indolent yet insolent — Tangier is one of those portals.
East and West converge, and stare each other in the eyes.

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