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The Borders That We Burn

Ongoing documentary series shot since 2012 in Europe, Asia, Africa, North & South America.

Home can be a land, a language, a plate of food, a faint chant or a deep voice.
Like many I grew up between borders — the broken pronunciation of my Polish grandfather,
French schools and cahier d'écoliers, Spanish sangria and the sweet, earthy smell of English summers.
A child of the beautiful chaos that is Europe, my native tongue is English; 
yet when I want to dig deeper, les mots me viennent en français.
Photography spoke to me from my youth as it's the great seamless language
— translating the things that words cannot.

I look for home in a lot of places.
These photos are my own exploration of borders, the things I lost in translation,
and the accumulation of years spent in constant motion.

This series is ongoing and has been published in different outlets including

In 2017, the series was exhibited as a solo exhibition in Brussels, Belgium (see bio).

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