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The Kaleidoscope Eyes Collective

In 2014 I created The Kaleidoscope Eyes Collective.

A photo project published by

The experiment aimed to bring together five cities.
I created a network of seven photographers within those five cities.

Los Angeles
Buenos Aires
Elena López Lanzarote
Clara Cohen
Elsa Toporkoff
Raphaël Chatelain
Lou Maréchal
Elliott Arndt
& myself

Each participant was given a month
to go about shooting their vision of their city
on 35mm film. 

We then sent each other the film rolls, undeveloped, in little trans-atlantic parcels.
One disappeared in the post but eventually turned up 3 months later.
Upon receiving these rolls, we carefully put them into our cameras;
and shot over them again.

Each roll was used twice, by a different person in a different country.
There were no other rules.

"The result is a set of eery, saturated double-exposures.
Cities and different lives from across the world - slapped together.
Streets seeping into one another, cities with faces,
buildings that tell tales."

The results were exhibited as a solo exhibition in Argentina, and later on in Brazil (see bio).

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